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The Ride ~ "Sixty Miles To Mexico"


Mondays are normally a busy day in Toyahvale with trucks passing

through hauling horses, burros and mules to the slaughter export pens in

Presidio, Texas.


For this reason I always dread looking out my window....on this Monday morning I looked anyway!

To my amazement what I saw actually took my breath away!

A lone rider on horseback riding along the trail. 


This Monday was a good day for the horse in Toyahvale ~                             

A modern day adventurer and his faithful companions

riding along this historic trail in unison with trust, respect and honor

for each other  ~ 



As it turns out this modern day adventurer is Filipe Masetti Leite.  Filipe is riding horseback from Canada to Brazil, over 10,000 miles..... 


About Journey America

On July 8, 2012, Filipe Masetti Leite, a Brazilian journalist based out of Toronto, embarked upon one of the most daring journeys of the 21st Century. The second-generation cowboy is riding two horses through 12 countries in North, Central and South America – a lifelong dream passed down from his father and inspired by Aime Tschiffelly’s 1925 ride from Argentina to Washington D.C. Filipe is traveling on horseback to explore, learn and engulf himself in the simplicity of a “natural way of life". Riding through hundreds of towns and villages on his nearly 10,000 mile journey, he'll engage with locals to hear their stories, sharing the most compelling narratives he finds. All the while you will see his personal footage updated weekly and follow his exact GPS coordinates on OutWildTV. Come along and experience Filipe's adventures and pitfalls while he experiences the wilderness, cities and towns of the Americas on his epic journey home.


While riding thru Toyahvale Filipe noticed Animals' Angels "Wall Of Hope" in Toyahvale.   The next day Filipe returned to learn more about the Wall Of Hope and made a memorial honoring all horses.  


          Filipe adding his memorial to Animals' Angels "Wall Of Hope".  

The next day while taking a break on the side of the road Filipe saw first hand how slaughter bound horses are cram packed into trailers as they are being hauled to the slaughter export pens on the border.  


The last stretch of highway Filipe will ride in the US is part of the historic trail traveled by early explorer Antonio de Espejo 429 years ago.  In celebration to honor the horse Filipe has invited everyone to join him for these last 60 miles to Mexico...


"I am super excited for this 3 day ride!!!! I want to use the opportunity to discuss how we can better the lives of horses within the Americas. These majestic animals have done so much for us - the least they deserve is our up-most respect! We will be riding the route used to transport horses to Mexico for slaughter. Anyone and everyone is invited. You can walk, ride a bike, drive, etc. If you love horses and are worried about the many who are suffering, join us for these 60 miles!!!

Thank youuuu"  ~ Filipe Masetti Leite


To honor the sacrifice of all equine who have passed thru West Texas to slaughter my husband, grandson and I joined Felipe on his last ride in this country “60 Miles To Mexico” from Marfa to Presidio. During this ride many kill buyer haulers passed with trailers full of slaughter bound horses. Every time one passed a silence fell over the riders, the sadness was palatable.


Kill buyer hauler headed north with rejects from the Presidio slaughter export pens.


Riding those sixty miles to Marfa along the same route thousands of horses are hauled to slaughter was a profound experience. The silence and the stillness in the air each time a kill buyer hauler passed by was profound!  What is happening to our horses is unacceptable!  The "60 Miles To Mexico" ride was a journey of a lifetime for my family and I. We met many amazing people who have joined in on our quest to bringing an awareness to the suffering of our equine.

Sixty Miles To Mexico riders and horses ~ from left to right

Trenton & Blue ~ Deborah & Roxy ~ Filipe & Taos ~ Emma & Jesse ~

Margo & Misty ~ Olivia & Jasper ~ Darrel & Gunny ~

Karen & Bruiser



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