The Trail  ~ 

       From Somewhere to Nowhere & Back                

   Thru The Eyes Of The Horse

Texas export holding pens ~ the Nowhere ~



Investigation at the Slaughter  Export Pens in Presidio, TX April 30, 2012  by Animals' Angels ~

Presidio Export Pens - October, 2013

BLM Horses unloading at Mexican Slaughter Plant filmed by Animals' Angels ~ 


The following video of the "Mexico transport Truck" was filmed at the Mexico Border Crossing in Presidio on 10-22-12. The two trailers in this video were among five witnessed crossing the border on this day hauling approximately 200 horses to the Mexico Slaughter plant where they will be slaughtered and their meat shipped to foreign markets to be sold for human consumption. 

Mexico Transport Truck






I hear complaints about showing pictures of horses who have already been slaughtered.

The complaint is we should only show the positive that is pictures of horses that were rescued.

While rescuing is very important and I support all the efforts of rescues there is more to be done to stop this madness!

The horses in the photos above could not have been rescued...their fate was sealed!

I will never stop honoring their sacrifice .....their faces are what people need to see!!

They are the face of slaughter! ~ Neta


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