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Lighting the Sky ~ Toyahvale, Texas ~



Memories of Animals' Angels "Light The Sky"

Toyahvale, Texas

December 1st, 2012






 December of 2012 Animals' Angels held their annual "Light The Sky" fundraiser in Toyahvale.  This amazing inspirational event was held along the highway that thousands of horses are hauled to the slaughter export holding pens.  Throughout the weekend memorials kept coming in through emails, text, phone calls, fb messages, and faxes.  The memorials were placed on the "Wall Of Hope" to honor lost loved ones, there is even a memorial for a rooster who was dearly loved by his human family.  The weekend was filled with tears, hugs and quite moments. We were all touched by the out-poring of lovethrough the memorials and I can safely say every person here was deeply moved.




After all the memorials were placed on the fence line I stood in silence. There are no words to define the feeling that came over me. I have no doubt our loved and cherished animal relations are always near us.


    Animals' Angels and friends  Lighting The Sky ~ 


Our incredibly talented friend and fellow advocate Grammy Award

Winner & Five Time Native 

American Music Award Winner Micki Free ~

Joined us in Lighting The Sky ~ 


Micki Free performing the beautiful song he wrote for the Light The Sky event~ 



Candles of Hope 

During this event candles were lit along the Wall Of Hope in honor of the  thousands of equine who have traveled this highway to their death.



To Those Lost ~ We Will Never Forget!

To Those We Cannot Save ~

May Their Suffering Be Short Lived and Their Spirits Soar!

Peace & Blessings to All,

~ Neta



                                    Angel Appreciation For All Of You



Animals’ Angels 2013 “Light the Sky”memorial ceremony was held across the country.  In Toyahvale, Texas candles were lit along the roadway that thousands of equine a year are hauled to the slaughter export pens in Presidio.  “Spirits”, a horse skull found behind those export pens where rejects are left to die, held a place of honor on this night in memory of her relations who paid the ultimate sacrifice for the price of greed.    




 When the memorials were tied to the Wall of Hope fence line we knew they would eventually become one with the winds blowing across the valley.  For many months they held their grip, along the fence through wind, rain, sleet and snow, for all who passed along this long stretch of highway to see.  Today they have found their final resting place on the sacred grounds of the Good Medicine Ranch.  Sometimes, when driving by, I look across the land and see the memorials glimmering among the tumbleweeds and mesquite…..I smile.    


MARCH 2014 ~ Animals' Angels USA announced the commencement of the largest, transatlantic campaign ever initiated to fight horse slaughter. Aiming once again to target the slaughter industry from the consumer side, a highly influential alliance led by Animals' Angels USA is further exposing, in a new report, the painful conditions and cruelty endured by slaughter horses that become food.  


Our EU Campaign has made the news once again and we're very excited about this coverage! Dutch TV News Magazine “Radar” today devoted a full 34 minute show to our investigation and shared it with their 22 million viewers. The Netherlands is... the home of large scale importers, so this news coverage is extremely powerful and will have a great impact.

Extensive AA video footage was shown, please watch, share and comment….thank them for covering this important issue!





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